First round up of responses to cuts to DSAs

Buried beneath the Syria vote and launched into a higher education sector distracted by government Green Papers outlining the biggest restructuring for Higher Education since 1993, cuts to DSAs have received coverage – but digested analysis of the BIS consultation response is currently slow. Here are the responses we’ve seen so far…. Sector responses: Disability […]

BIS Consultation on Targeting of DSAs: Full outcome

BIS have published their conclusions on the recent consultation on DSAs. Today they published 2 documents: Consultation on targeting funding for disabled students in higher education from 2016 to 2017 onwards – government response [opens PDF] Ref: BIS/15/657 Published: 2 December 2015, PDF, 243KB, 46 pages. Consultation on targeting funding for disabled students in higher education from […]

Jo Johnson: Statement on Disabled Students Allowances

Today Joseph Johnson (Minister of State for Universities and Science) made a written statement on Disabled Students Allowances. He describes this as the response to the recent consultation on targetting DSAs. It reads as follows.  “Today I am announcing the Government response to a consultation on better targeting of Disabled Students’ Allowances (DSAs), which are available […]

Million+ Parliamentary Briefing on DSA

In addition to the House of Lords debate and ECU reports, the Million+ Think Tank released a parliamentary briefing on DSAs earlier this month. 3 November 2015 million+ Parliamentary Briefing – changes to Disabled Students Allowance Lord Addington secured a Question for Short Debate on 2 November to ask Her Majesty’s Government whether they plan to […]

Equality Challenge Unit – new statistics on DSAs

On Friday 6th November, the Equality Challenge Unit released two new reports (one staff focused, one student focused). The Equality in Higher Education statistical report 2015 offers new evidence that supports previous research reporting the effectiveness of DSAs. Using data from the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) the ECU’s reports ‘aim to focus attention on areas where […]

Consultation on DSAs closes Sept 24th

This is a reminder that the current consultation on Disabled Students’ Allowances closes on September 24th. Many organisations and individuals are marshalling their responses. As I’ve worked on my response I’ve discovered more recent Disability and Higher Education literature and evidence submissions which may be useful to others. Roger, J., Wilson, P., Roberts, H., Roulstone, A., […]

Consultation on Disabled Students Allowances (DSAs)

BIS have announced a consultation on DSAs – the timing (over the academic summer break) is bad for the universities. Full details follow… “This email is to notify you that we have today (1st July 2015) launched a consultation on Disabled Students Allowances (DSAs). The Government remains committed to the principle of ensuring disabled students […]

DSA Land: Crumbling cuts schedule announced by BIS

Amanda Kent’s DSA Land blog offers a stinging indictment of the current cuts schedule offered by BIS: Bearing in mind a judicial review has been granted to two disabled students, the phrase “the Government would prefer to move forward in a consensual manner (as far as is reasonably possible) rather than through litigation” leaps off […]

BIS update on DSAs

DSA Update email from Ruth Hannant and Polly Payne (BIS), 11th March 2015 “The Government is determined that anyone with the aspiration and ability can go onto higher education regardless of any disability It is important that as wide a consensus as possible is built on the role of Disabled Students’ Allowances.  The Government has […]

Legal Challenge on Disabled Students’ Allowances

Deaf news blog Limping Chicken reports on legal action on Disabled Students’ Allowances. A member of the National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS) Young People’s Advisory Board, has initiated legal action against the Government over proposed changes to DSAs. The article include details of NDCS activity and robust standpoint on resisting cuts to DSAs.