This blog features a mix of ingredients designed to make content available to all. The site is made using WordPress, and the Simone Theme. I chose Simone as the makers have attended to WAI-ARIA wherever possible, and it renders well on mobile. 

As our site develops, we will add automatic podcasting service Odiogo. This generates the “Listen Now” button which, when clicked, will read blog posts to you.  There will also be an RSS feed and an accessible email subscription, available if you want to access content through a different viewer.  Finally, for up to the minute content, you will be able to  follow the DSAs Observatory on Twitter. If you don’t like Twitter, try Easy Chirp, a web-accessible alternative to the website. 


  1. The heading strapline fails colour contrast guidelines. The contrast between #0587BF and #FFFFFF is 4.02:1 which is below the guideline minimum of 4.5:1. The heading itself technically passes because it is large text for which the minimum guideline is 3.0:1. The font for the strapline is also very thin which makes the problem worse. For a background colour like that a dark colour for text would be much better.

    1. Thanks for your input, Richard. I’ll pass these comments back to the Theme developer and see if changes can be made, and if so, on what timescale. In the event that we change our theme, do you have any recommendations on a more appropriate WP theme?

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