Million+ Parliamentary Briefing on DSA

In addition to the House of Lords debate and ECU reports, the Million+ Think Tank released a parliamentary briefing on DSAs earlier this month.

3 November 2015

million+ Parliamentary Briefing – changes to Disabled Students Allowance

Lord Addington secured a Question for Short Debate on 2 November to ask Her Majesty’s Government whether they plan to make any changes to the disabled students’ allowance.

We believe that changes to DSA carry the risk of leaving universities without sufficient investment to support disabled students throughout the whole of their course. The government has so far failed to provide sufficient information or assurance to universities about future investment to support disabled students to be successful in higher education. This risk is compounded if the government considers reductions to the Student Opportunity Allocation in the November 2015 spending review. We are also concerned that the impact of DSA changes will be disproportionately spread – concentrated on those universities that have been very successful in providing opportunities for disabled students. Those that recruit a large number of disabled students each year could be facing significant additional costs. [Visit page to download the full statement]

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