Consultation on DSAs closes Sept 24th

This is a reminder that the current consultation on Disabled Students’ Allowances closes on September 24th.

Many organisations and individuals are marshalling their responses.¬†As I’ve worked on my response I’ve discovered more recent Disability and Higher Education literature and evidence submissions which may be useful to others.

This contains some useful estimates on HEIs funding of disabled students, alongside DSAs and HEFCE’s Student Opportunities funding.

  • Williams, M., Coare, P., Marvell, R., Pollard, E., Houghton, A-M., Anderson, J. (2015) Understanding provision for students with mental health problems and intensive support needs: Report to HEFCE by the Institute for Employment Studies (IES) and Research Equity, Access and Partnership (REAP),104768,en.html

Whilst the title refers to students with mental health problems and intensive support needs, content includes analysis and reporting with relevance across disability groups.

I’ll add more documents over the next few days – to follow please subscribe to the site.

In addition – The DSAs Observatory is accepting news items, so if you have any news, analysis or documents relevant to DSAs that you would like to publish to the blog, please get in touch.



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