Student Loans Company FOI request receives formal response

On the 9th October, the Student Loans Company responded to an FOI request entitled ‘Disabled Students’ Allowances – HEI arrangements with NMG suppliers’ made by Dexter Johnstone on September 17th.

The original request states:

“Please publish the results of the exercise you carried out between April and June 2013 to clarify arrangements for the provision of Non-Medical Helpers (NMH) funded by the DSA entitled ‘Disabled Students’ Allowances (DSAs) – Higher Education Instituation arrangements with NMH suppliers’.”

The SLC response reads as follows:

Having consulted with the relevant departments within the Student loans Company Limited (“SLC”), I can advise that the information you have requested is not held. By way of explanation, our DSA Team has performed some initial analytical work on the responses received from Higher Education Institutions. However, no results are presently available, as work has not been completed due to further action being put on hold due to the DSA reforms announced earlier this year. As yet, we do not know if or when this work will be resumed.

Resources: FOI and Response in full: DSAs – HEI arrangements with NMH suppliers 

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