HEFCE respond to statement on changes to DSAs

The Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) have issued a response to today’s written ministerial statement announcing the deferral of DSA cuts until 2016. This refers to ongoing research relating to disabled students, and funding for disabled students in HE.

The following key points are covered:

  • In February 2014, BIS asked HEFCE to review the provision of support for disabled students in HE.
  • HEFCE subsequently commissioned two research projects focussed on institutional strategies for supporting disabled students in HE.
  • Interim findings are ‘expected in November’ 2014.
  • Final reports will be delivered in March 2015.
  • Research seeks to ‘understand the nature, level and costs of current institutional provision for disabled students, and to identify key issues faced by institutions’ and supply evidence base for policy and practice.
  • Part of the HEFCE-funded Student Opportunity allocation (currently £366m) will be allocated to reflect the number of disabled students at institutions (£15m).

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