FoI request made to SLC on changes to assessment of DSA eligibility

On June 29th, Amanda Kent issued a Freedom of Information (FoI) request to the Student Loans Company (SLC) entitled ‘SLC impact assessment on changes to DSA eligibility, and the current protocols and procedures for assessing DSA eligibility’.

This FoI request calls for information on two areas:

  1. Equality Analysis (Impact Assessment) conducted by the SLC in relation to the change of evidence criteria for disability required by the SLC when determining eligibility for Disabled Students Allowance as outlined in the DSA Guidance chapter 14/15 issued February 2014.
  2. The SLC protocols and procedures for determining whether the medical evidence submitted by DSA applicants is sufficient to conclude that the student falls within the Equality Act definition of disability.

Kent’s FoI request refers to information contained in two SLC documents:

In short, Kent observes that, irrespective of recent government announcements regarding changes to DSAs, the administration of changes to the assessment of disability for DSA eligibility documented by the SLC may have an impact on disabled people and therefore an Equality Analysis on the application process and the SLCs internal handling of the resultant applications would have been the subject of impact assessment. This Equality Analysis should be made public.

The Student Loans Company must formally respond by the 28th July 2014.

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