2nd July parliamentary debate on Disabled Student’s Allowances: transcript

MPs debate changes to Disabled Students' Allowances in Westminster Hall
Screenshot from webcast of MPs debating changes to Disabled Students’ Allowances in Westminster Hall. More than 35 MPs are in view.

The transcripts from Wednesday’s Westminster Hall debate (pictured) on cuts to Disabled Student’s Allowances are now available on the House of Commons website. The transcripts run across two separate webpages.

The first part is available on the House of Commons hansard column 267WH-277WHTranscript of Westminster debate on DSAs, part 1.

The second part is available between column 277WH-295WH: Transcript of Westminster Hall debate on DSAs, part 2.

The debate was convened by Julian Huppert MP, with MPs putting a significant number of detailed questions to the Minister for Universities, David Willetts MP.


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